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What to Expect


Clients often report feeling very relaxed and calm during a session. This sense of well-being can linger until the next day or longer. Noticeable changes in symptoms can occur immediately or over a few days, depending on the client. Because energy healing deals with the root of energetic disharmony, it is not unusual for clients to experience emotions, memories, or even a temporary aggravation in symptoms. Therapy integration is at its most significant up to 72 hours after a session. For an efficient transition, honor whatever your body, mind, and spirit need, like rest, good nutrition, and hydration. Consider scheduling around activities that are physically, mentally, or spiritually overexerting, like heavy workouts or stressful business meetings.

For best results and symptom relief, practitioners recommend three sessions over the course of a few weeks to allow for a prolonged plateau of therapeutic effect. Subsequent sessions can be every one to two months, as desired.

What to wear

Throughout the session, you will lie on your back, fully clothed, on a massage table. Clients report being most comfortable in the same type of clothes they might work out in, such as yoga or sweat pants and a t-shirt. Socks are encouraged. Glasses, watches, jewelry, and belts should be removed.

What to bring

Please bring any relevant medical information with you to your session. Medical conditions and treatments, a list of your medications and doses, surgery dates, and lab results will be reviewed to ensure thorough and complete treatment. Please advise prior to the session if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or diabetic so that appropriate safety measures can be determined. Please also advise of allergies, and be sure to wait 5-7 days after acupuncture or cupping treatments before coming for acupressure.

When to eat

Avoid scheduling a session during a calorie restricted cleanse or fast. Try to eat within the four hours prior to your session. Good hydration is also encouraged.

Prior to the session

Energy healing works best if you provide a list of intentions for the therapy, such as wanting to release the tension in your upper back or to improve a depressed mood. Sharing these goals with me prior to the visit can allow for a session planned to meet your specific needs. 

While intoxicant use 3 days before, during or after your appointment may counter the benefits of the healing and is not recommended, sessions can be made with the intention to support substance withdrawal if this is clearly communicated during the booking process.